5 Night Port Edward to Port St Johns Hike

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One of The Wild Coast’s most famous and yet least done local hiking trails, this Pondoland exploring hike should be on every adventurous person's wish list. Get ready to have the adventure of a lifetime while you make your way completely off the beaten track and explore one of the most untouched pieces of coastline in South Africa. The famous hospitality and friendliness of Pondoland's locals awaits you as you realise that sites like Waterfall Bluff and Cathedral Rock are just the beginning of this incredible area.

Each night will be spent in a traditional Pondo Hut with a mattress, drinking water and food. Pondo hospitality is famous!

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hike-from-port-edward-to-port-st-johnsThis seven day hike starts at the Wild Coast Sun and finishes in Port St. Johns. You will need to carry all your own equipment, camping gear and food.

Day 1

We hike along the beach from the Wild Coast Sun and cross the Mzamba river. We continue walking along the beach until we get to Mnyameni river. We have lunch at the river and swim in some beautiful pools. Here guests can choose to horse ride the rest of the way to Mtentu (extra cost) or continue hiking the rest of the way. We cross the Nnyameni river by boat and make our way along the beach to Kwanya river. At Sikhombe, we will explore the ship wreck and then proceed to Mtentu Lodge where we will spend the night.

Day 2

We cross Mtentu River in the morning and enter the Mkambati Nature Reserve. This is an opportunity to see game, abundant bird life and pristine nature. We will walk past a ship wreck and view the waterfall that cascades straight into the ocean. After lunch, we go to Gwegwe Beach and then to Msikaba River which we cross by boat. We camp on the southern bank of the river.

Day 3

This walk passes the light house and on to Kilroe Beach. We will go the the site where the Grosvenor sank in 1782 and explore some of the salvage attempts. From there we go to Lambasi Bay, cross the Mkhweni River and find our campsite under the milkwood trees near Lupatana.

Day 4

We walk past the top hat and get to Waterfall Bluff. From there we go to Mamba Pools and the Cathedral Rock. We view Mfihlelo falls from here and finish the day at Sihatsha Camp.

Day 5

We walk past Mbotyi Village in the morning and enter a very scenic section with beautiful views, beaches and cliffs. We cross the Manteku River by boat and camp on the Southern bank.

Day 6

We spend most of the day on the beach, with some hills in between, until we get to Ntafufu River. We then swim across and finish the last stretch to Port St. Johns with a long beach walk.

Transport will be provided back to The Wild Coast Sun and the cost is included in the quoted price.

About Mtentu Lodge

Situated just below the southern border of Kwa-Zulu Natal, Mtentu Lodge is located amongst the lush sub-tropical evergreens in the heart of Pondoland.


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