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Mtentu is a community lodge and we believe in the principles of the new South Africa. “I firmly feel that it is the responsibility of all South Africans to help actively improve the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves, and what better way to do it than by going on holiday!" - Russel Hartshorne

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Russel Hartshorne and Bridgette Duffy dreamt of creating the best destination for holiday goers on the Wild Coast and so Mtentu Lodge was born. Both founders had spent many years trekking around the world as adventurous backpackers, dreaming of one day returning home to sunny South Africa and starting their own lodge. It was Russel who had stumbled across the remains of one of the old Amadiba Adventures Camps on the Mtentu Estuary, laying abandoned and unusable. He recognised its potential as the perfect place to start an eco-lodge and so the exciting journey started.

Russel and Bridgette started their negotiations with the local community to revive the old lodge and breathe new life into the area. Since then, the Mtentu Lodge has been growing organically, getting better with each passing year. The lodge forms part of the community and as such, we strive to improve the lives of the local community by creating jobs, developing business partnerships and adding to the local economy.

Since its birth, Mtentu has gained the reputation for being one of the most unique travel destinations on the Wild Coast and in South Africa as a whole. Our foreign guests frequently comment on what a special destination this place is. The lodge is a welcoming place that becomes home for the duration of your stay and our staff members become your best friends. We can’t wait to share travelling stories with you around our nightly bonfire or over an ice cold beer at our bar.

"This is a truly magical place, incomparable to any other South African destination. It should definitely be on every traveller's wish list” - Bridgette Duffey

About Mtentu Lodge

Situated just below the southern border of Kwa-Zulu Natal, Mtentu Lodge is located amongst the lush sub-tropical evergreens in the heart of Pondoland.


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