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sustainable tourism in south africa

We are well over 20km away from the nearest Eskom power station. We could say that this forces us to be reliant on renewable energy to supply power to the lodge, but in truth Mtentu recognises the importance of sustainable tourism in South Africa. We are lucky enough to find ourselves in some of the most beautiful surroundings nature has to offer and don’t plan on spoiling it!

In saying that, we use renewable energy sources in order to cater to modern needs. This includes solar panels and a wind turbine that charge a bank of batteries to provide the energy for our lighting, music, phone charging and laptop charging. We use LED lighting that draws minimal power. In fact, our entire lodge’s lights draw less than a normal 60 watt light bulb! Fridges, freezers and stoves currently run on gas, but we hope to go fully solar in the future.

So what does this mean for guests?

The result of this is that we don’t have any power points in our cabins, but who needs power when you find yourself in awe inspiring surrounds? We are happy to charge laptops, phones and camera batteries in our reception area to make sure you still have access to that bit of modern technology. Ladies, do you really need to look like you just stepped out of a salon? Please leave your hairdryers and GHDs at home and enjoy the cool sea breeze as it dries your hair and give you that gorgeous ‘natural look’.


About Mtentu Lodge

Situated just below the southern border of Kwa-Zulu Natal, Mtentu Lodge is located amongst the lush sub-tropical evergreens in the heart of Pondoland.


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