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The Mtentu and Mkambati areas offer some of South Africa’s most spectacular local hiking trails. From beginner hikes to advanced adventure hikes, we have everything. Gorge hikes, beach hikes, game hikes, waterfall hikes and cultural hikes all in one place and waiting to be explored. Canoe across a turquoise estuary and hike past herds of eland on an untouched beach. Jump out of a baboon cave into a river to swim under a waterfall. Gaze down a breath-taking gorge while marvelling at four waterfalls at once. This is all part of the magical kingdom of Mtentu and Mkambati.

These are currently the hikes on offer. If you are interested in doing a specific route, please contact us.

Mtentu Gorge Hike (3km)

hiking-package-pondolandBeginner level. Varied gradients through the village and along the spectacular gorge.

  • Traditional homesteads
  • Leopard's Falls
  • 3 Echo Point and spectacular views of the estuary and gorge
  • Paradise pools

Add an extra 3km to see the enchanting 2nd waterfall and Centre Rock (intermediate level).


Mkambati and Strandlooper waterfall (7km)

mkambati-mtentu-hiking-packagesBeginner to Intermediate level. Flat beach and game trail walk.

  • Mosquito Beach and Reef
  • Mkambati Reserve and game
  • We Ol Mi 303 shipwreck
  • Mkambati Waterfall
  • Strandlooper Waterfall and Baboon Cave

Add an extra 3km to see the famous Horse Shoe Falls of Mkambati.


4 Waterfall View Point (8km)

3-day-hiking-adventure-wild-coastIntermediate level with varied gradients. Spectacular view of 4 waterfalls simultaneously.

  • Mkambati Reserve and game
  • Beautiful views of Leopard's Falls and 2nd Waterfall
  • The magical view of 4 waterfalls, all at the same time

Swallowtail Falls Canoe Excursion and Hike

waterfall-exploring-pondolandIntermediate with lots of bouldering, climbing, swimming and a 3km paddle. South Africa’s best kept secret!

  • Canoe trip up the magnificent Mtentu Estuary, spotting turtles, kingfish, baboons, fish eagles and vultures
  • Paddle underneath Leopard's Falls and gaze at 2nd waterfall spectacularly falling into nowhere
  • Experience the spiritual magic of centre rock and its surroundings
  • Begin the epic trip hiking up in forest-enclosed crystal clear tributary, climbing up rocks, swimming through pools and making your way up the side of small waterfalls
  • Experience and feel of mother nature’s beauty all around you
  • Let Swallowtail Falls show you why it is our best kept secret

Hiking to the Lodge (24km)

3-day-hiking-adventure-mkambatiIntermediate level hike. Flat beach walking and cattle trails.

Why worry about the bad dirt roads when you can park your car safely and securely at The Wild Coast Sun and hike into the lodge?

  • Hike along untouched virgin beaches and through isolated communities
  • Explore ancient Mzamba fossil beds
  • Swim in the stunning Nyameni and Quanyana River
  • Check out the naturally-occurring red desert

Overnight option:
Sleep in a traditional Pondo village and have a cultural hospitality experience as never before.

Specialised Hikes and Itineraries

Mkambati and the Mtentu area is a big area to cover and there are many more spectacular hikes around us that are not mentioned here. For specialised hiking trips to destinations not mentioned here please contact us.

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Situated just below the southern border of Kwa-Zulu Natal, Mtentu Lodge is located amongst the lush sub-tropical evergreens in the heart of Pondoland.


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