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Just a stone's throw away from Mtentu Lodge are numerous fishing spots. Deep water rock spots, gullies, three glorious beach spots and the Sikombe estuary are all within 4kms of the lodge. Mtentu Lodge is positioned along an amazing stretch of coast with fishing spots waiting to be discovered and explored. Just another reason so many of our guests consider us to be one of the best destinations to travel to. Spend your time catching giant kingfish from the flat rocks below Mtentu Lodge, catch salmon in Skate Bay, battle sharks on Sikombe Beach, pull out fat bronze bream from the plentiful gullies, hunt grunter on a fly rod on Sikombe Estuary and of course hook the frenzied shad along the entire coast. Mtentu allows the fisherman to seek the soul-searching solitude this sport allows, you can find your own special spot on your own.

The Mtentu Estuary and the Kingfish Story

fishing-on-the-wild-coastYou may have heard of the legendary giant kingfish of the Mtentu estuary. Giant kingfish, the size of small children, swarm into the Mtentu Estuary from around November to February every year. These fish seek refuge and food in and amongst turtles and other marine animals in the estuary. It is still unclear why these amazing animals swim up our river every year and it is a truly spiritual experience to watch them dance in the shallows. The Mtentu Estuary is a marine protected zone and thus a no fishing zone. This does not mean, however, that there are restrictions on the other estuaries in the area. Ufudu Fly Fishing Experience used to run fly fishing trips in the Mtentu Estuary and operated on a government concession, allowing them to practice catch and release. These giant kingfish need protecting and we believe that there are many other bountiful fishing spots in very close proximity to the Mtentu Estuary. Mtentu Lodge fully supports protecting the estuary and the incredible giant kingfish that inhabit it. Fishing in the Mtentu Estuary is not allowed under any circumstances. However, during giant kingfish season, giant kingfish are caught from the rocks north of the river mouth, giving everyone the chance to battle one of these legendary animals. For those who love estuary fishing, Sikombe Estuary is just a five minute drive away and has no restrictions.

Due to the fact that we run on solar power and gas, there is no bait keeping facilities at the lodge. Please make sure to bring a good cooler box for your bait.

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Situated just below the southern border of Kwa-Zulu Natal, Mtentu Lodge is located amongst the lush sub-tropical evergreens in the heart of Pondoland.


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