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Mtentu has so much to do and see. For this reason one of Mtentu Lodges owners teamed up with the top guide in our area to create Mtentu Adventures. Mtentu Advetures runs all the activities for the Mtentu area in partnership with Mtentu Lodge and the local community. Packed full of activity information, prices and videos it is the perfect place to plan and book your trip. Hiking, horse riding, kayaking and local experiences all await you at Make sure you book your activities before your arrival to avoid disappointment.



The Mtentu and Mkambati areas offer some of South Africa’s most spectacular local hiking trails. From beginner hikes to advanced adventure hikes, we have everything. Gorge hikes, beach hikes, game hikes, waterfall hikes and cultural hikes all in one place and waiting to be explored. This is all part of the magical kingdom of Mtentu and Mkambati.

There are various hikes, ranging from a couple of hours to full day excursions. Please chat to us if there is a specific trail or areas you would like to hike to.

Paddling the Mtentu Estuary

If canoe travel is your thing, then you’ve come to the right place! The Mtentu Estuary is a sight to behold. Our local community believe that the Mtentu River is a very spiritual place and so do we. From the moment you gaze up the gorge or look down over Leopard’s Falls, you will know why our community believes the river and forest around it has a spirit of its own.

Hire a canoe or bring your own and be prepared to be amazed.


The Mtentu area and Mkambati Nature Reserve have some incredible biking trails. So much so that cycling into the Lodge from the Wild Coast Sun has become one of the most popular ways for guests to get to the lodge for their holiday. The lodge is only 24km along the coast from the casino and it is a great experience. Around the lodge there are many day rides for all types of cycling levels. Cyclists also have the added advantage to reach further into Mkambati Reserve than the hiker with famous sites like The Superbowl within a day’s ride.


Just a stone’s throw away from Mtentu Lodge are numerous fishing spots. Deep water rock spots, gullies, three glorious beach spots and the Sikombe estuary are all within 4kms of the lodge. Mtentu Lodge is positioned along an amazing stretch of coast with fishing spots waiting to be discovered and explored. Just another reason so many of our guests consider us to be one of the best destinations to travel to. Mtentu allows the fisherman to seek the soul-searching solitude this sport allows, you can find your own special spot on your own.

Exploring Our Beaches

Mtentu beach is boarded by a magnificent rock cliff and Mkambati Nature Reserve. This is our own private beach with access to the estuary, the open river mouth and the ocean. Good snorkeling around the rocks!

Skate Bay is is 450m walk from the lodge and is great for swimming and has a good fishing spot off the rocks. Pebble Beach is 1.5km and is as it says, a small beach purely covered in pebbles of all shapes and sizes. Skombe Beach is 4km away (a lovely walk or short drive) and is a long white beach boasting a shipwreck and red sand dunes. The Skombe Estuary is good for snorkelling and fishing. Mosquito Beach is in the Mkambati Nature Reserve about 1km away, boasting rock pools full of sea life and is great for snorkelling.

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We spent a week at mtentu about 2 months ago. This place is absolute heaven. The walks and adventures amazing. We will be back soon.

Lara Jansen Van Vuuren

I cannot say enough about the managers at Mtentu, Elena and Allan. They were superb – excellent food, comfy clean beds and lots of hot water. Well done to Mtentu staff. A wonderful stay

Brenda Coombe

We finally got to spend a few days at Mtentu last week and WOW, super impressed. We love the rustic chilled vibes, especially after some gruelling hikes that rewarded us with the most incredible views and waterfalls (and a chocolate tequila).

Janet Haw

Mtentu Lodge a great exciting place to be. Great views, great environment. Great! Greatest place of them all!!!

Mbesh Mavovo